Introducing the founders

We take on the mantle of Independent
Bottlers with a reverence for this
role within the industry.


Each whisky distillery has a place in the market and an obligation to fulfil the flavour profile their brand is committed to yielding. But in the spaces that lie between signature flavours, whisky makers push the boundaries with the tastes they seek to create, sometimes producing extraordinary casks that can’t be released by their distillery.

This is where discerning Independent Bottlers serve the whisky-loving public, and play a vital role in furnishing the market with excellent whiskies that may otherwise never be released.

For a Scottish or Australian whisky to wear the Truth & Consequence label, it must meet a strict criteria. Its provenance must be impeccable. Its DNA must be of the highest calibre. Its journey must be transparently documented. And above all it must be a whisky that cask-strength connoisseurs must absolutely adore.

A business founded on friendship…

Truth & Consequence is the pinnacle offering from David M. Koutsoukos and Ross Havezov, veteran whisk(e)y purveyors.

Having both grown up working in bars and with a history of liquor trades in their family backgrounds, David and Ross have been set on the path to fine whisky all their lives. From a humble start as whisk(e)y collectors, David and Ross began buying and selling whiskies, passionately learning the rich history of the whisk(e)y industry and the complex art and science of whisk(e)y distilling and bottling.

With a vision to champion the wonderful diversity of Australian whiskies and presenting as many distilleries as possible, David & Ross launched The Old Barrelhouse which currently offers the largest selection of Australian whiskies available. It was while fulfilling this role in the growing Australian whisky market that the dream of collecting and presenting selected boutique whiskies was born.

…and a friendship founded on trust…

The roots of this partnership began when Ross was moving his young family from South Africa to Australia and he chose to entrust his substantial American whiskey collection into David’s keeping, before the two had even met. Trust, honour, and truthfulness became the foundation of this friendship and underpin all that the company stands for.

…to an authentic Australian Independent Bottler.

Truth & Consequence is built on integrity from the ground up. We present each whisky with accurate, transparent details on our labels because we value your time and investment in choosing our whiskies. From our initial selections through to the final presentation of our bottles, we welcome you into our process.

Your truth

We invite you to make the Truth & Consequence experience your own. Our whiskies are made for sharing and for savouring, for marking life’s progress with an Aqua Vitae worthy of your finest moments.

Drink to your future and its infinite possibilities. Raise your glass with the truest friends you can find, and know that a trustworthy friend is one of life’s greatest gifts. It has been said that even when we drink alone, we drink with memories and ghosts, so toast the memory of those you have loved and lost, and the health of all those at your table.

Drink your truth and live your consequence.