Ben Nevis Distillery 2013 Vintage


Ben Nevis Distillery 2013 Vintage

Ben Nevis Distillery 2013 Vintage


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We’re already up to our 5th release of Truth and Consequence Single Malt Whisky bottlings and this entry is an absolute delight coming at you from Ben Nevis distillery in the Western Highlands of Scotland. The whisky was aged for just over 10 peaceful years in a 200L Refill Bourbon barrel before we decided to finish the whisky for 3 months in a beautiful, French Chateau HAUT-BERGERON Sauternes cask that was filled on the 9th of June 2023 with the Ben Nevis liquid.

It was a tough decision to make as the bourbon barrel was drinking wonderfully well at 10-years-old, however, the decision really paid off as the quality of the Sauternes cask added another dimension to the whisky, especially on the back palate and finish, rounding off the bourbon notes with chalky, sweet precision. Chateau HAUT-BERGERON has recorded no less than 118 medals, including 68 gold medals, which makes it the most rewarded winery of Sauternes. Their Sauternes appellation is located 40 km South of Bordeaux and the vineyard covers about 2200 hectares spread over five communes, with a large portion of the vines growing adjacent to their illustrious neighbour; Chateau d’Yquem.

Once again, we make no apologies for the robust and raw cask strength whiskies we bottle using only a simple 25-micron bag for this Ben Nevis to catch any pieces of wood or char from entering the bottle, and that is it! With zero chill-filtration and no added colour, this means all the beautiful compounds and esters remain in the whisky bringing a waxy mouthfeel and a natural drinking experience free of any processed interruptions – Our whisky is aimed at the real savant.
It’s ‘Whisky with Integrity’ – Straight from the Cask.

Details: 700ml, 58.6% abv
Age: 10 years, 3 months
Distillery: Ben Nevis Distillery
Region: Western Highlands
Cask Type: Refill Bourbon/Sauternes Finish
Cask No: 256R
Distillation Date: 16th of May 2013
Bottling Date: 6th of September 2023
Bottle Outturn: 215

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About Ben Nevis Distillery

The Ben Nevis distillery was founded in 1825 by John MacDonald as an independent enterprise and is located in Fort William, Scotland at the base of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, which rises to 1,345m above sea level. A coastal distillery in the Western Highlands, Ben Nevis draws its water from the Allt a’Mhuilinn (translated to – ‘The stream of the mill’), which originates from two pools on Ben Nevis, Coire Leis and Coire na’Ciste. The distillery is owned by Nikka Whisky Distilling of Tokyo, Japan, since 1989.

The production at Ben Nevis has really ramped up throughout the years with their annual capacity now reaching over two million litres of spirit. The distillery currently has two wash stills with a volume of 25,000 litres and two spirit stills with a capacity of 20,000 each. Around one-third of the distillery’s new-make spirit is exported to Japan, where it is a component of the popular Nikka Black blend.


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