Otter Craft Distilling 2019 Vintage


Otter Craft Distilling 2019 Vintage


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It’s not often you find an Australian whisky matured in a single wheated bourbon cask. So, when we came across this 47L cask maturing in Otter Craft Distilling’s bond store, we crossed our fingers and toes that the liquid was an absolute mind-blower. To our great delight, the spirit thief confirmed it. Head distiller, Eduard Otter, took a little convincing to let the cask go, but we were determined to procure this fine spirit, as it fitted all our parameters to wear the Truth and Consequence label.

The 47L American Oak cask was originally commissioned by West Fork Whiskey Co in the USA, before being recoopered on the 24th of March 2017 by the Barrel Mill with a Char #3 blazing.

This whisky is bottled for the seasoned aficionado. What you’ll discover is a big – REALLY big – flavour profile that is chewy and complex. We have bottled it straight from the cask with zero chill filtration or added colour. For this expression, we used a simple quarter inch steel sieve that you can hold in the palm of your hand when bottling to catch any pieces of wood or char from entering the bottle and that is it!

This means that on very cold mornings the whisky may become cloudy, affectionately known as the ‘Scottish Mist’. This is due to all the beautiful oils and fatty acids that have not been chill-filtered out of the liquid adding layers of flavour and a beautiful viscosity to the whisky. A quick shake of the bottle, or just let the day warm up, and the Scottish mist disappears but the flavours remain, almost like a magician’s final act.

Raw, bold, and full of flavour, only 33 bottles were yielded at a cask strength of 68.25% ABV under our watchful eyes and although we’d like to keep a good portion of this release for our personal drinking stock, there’s just not enough to go around and we’d much prefer to share the love with our supporters.


Details: 700ml, 68.25% abv
Age: 3 years, 5 months
Distillery: Otter Craft Distilling
Region: Lilyfield, New South Wales
Cask Type: First Fill Wheated Bourbon
Cask No: OCD-13
Distillation Date: 17th of April 2019
Bottling Date: 13th of October 2022
Bottle Outturn: 33

Our Tasting Notes

Nose: Burned Caramel | Toasted Marshmallow

Palate: Sticky | Dried Cherry | Gingerbread

Finish: Lingering | Juicy | Cigar Box | Pepper Spice

About Otter Craft Distilling

Eduard and Julie Otter are the brother-and-sister duo who co-founded Otter Craft Distilling (OCD) Their commercial spirits journey started at their first distillery in St Peters, NSW, just outside of Sydney, where every element of their operation reflected a process that combined tradition and innovation. Creating delicious whisky, vodka, and gin, they outgrew their Saint Peters facility in 2022 and moved to 30 Halloran St, Lilyfield where they’ve converted an enormous (and we mean enormous) warehouse into a fully-fledged Distillery with huge plans in store for the second half of 2023. We’ll keep a keen eye on their progress and look forward to more exciting whiskies from OCD.


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