Charity Raffle – Bottle No.1 Spring Bay Distillery 2019 Vintage 700ml 65.8%


Charity Raffle – Bottle No.1 Spring Bay Distillery 2019 Vintage 700ml 65.8%



Each entry in the raffle will cost $10 and you’re welcome to enter as many times as you like. The more virtual entries you purchase, the more chances you’ll have to win when we fire up our trusty randomiser to select the final winner. Every cent counts, so let’s raise as much money as possible and help our brothers and sisters find some comfort in their time of need.

The winner will be announced on our social channels on Sunday the 12th of May at 7pm (AEST) and contacted via email. Good luck!


About Rare Cancers Australia – Where will the donation go?

The team comments;
“We are a charity dedicated to rare cancer awareness and support, and understand the unique and complex challenges you may be facing. Our Specialist Cancer Navigators have specific expertise in complicated cancer journeys and are here to help Australians impacted by rare cancer with information, support and guidance. By supporting us we can provide those impacted by a rare cancer diagnosis with 360-degree personalised support.

Examples include helping patients to navigate the health system, access specialists and treatment, connect with services, and fundraising. Often, it includes just being there to listen and understand”.

Learn more about the charity HERE


About Spring Bay 2019 Vintage
We selected one super dusty 100L Apera cask for maturation that was procured from Willie Smith’s, a 4th generation apple brandy maker. The etymology of the cask started as a 225L vessel that was masterly coopered down to 100 litres and given a light toasting. The result left us in reflective pause with the wooden vessel offering delicious wafts of molasses dripping in sticky, sherry goodness with distant licks of maritime funk. It’s one huge pour and once again we make no apologies for the roaring and barbarous nature of the expression aimed at the seasoned whisky palate for your raw enjoyment.

Details: 700ml, 65.8% abv
Age: 4 years, 2 months
Distillery: Spring Bay Distillery Charity Raffle
Region: Spring Bay, Tasmania
Cask Type: Apera
Cask No: 216
Distillation Date: 6th of May 2019
Bottling Date: 6th of July 2023
Bottle Outturn: 112

Our Tasting Notes

Nose: treacle | nutty | ripe raisins

Palate: thick molasses | fig jam | cocoa

Finish: colossal | intense | sherry spice

About Spring Bay Distillery

Spring Bay is a new world distillery that leans heavily on tradition located a stone’s throw away from one of the most scenic beaches in all of Tasmania – Spring Beach (about a 70-minute drive from Hobart). Established in 2015, Spring Bay Distillery is the realisation of a dream for owners Cam and Suzy Brett. Having shared a love of whisky for over 25 years, building a distillery was a natural culmination of many years of planning which saw them first head to Scotland on a fact-finding mission immersing themselves in every facet of Scottish whisky production via the dozens of distilleries they visited.

It was music to our ears when Cam told us is the early years that his whisky inspiration and preferred flavour profile came from the revered Springbank distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland. Been big fans of Springbank, Cam and Suzy saw many similarities between both locations with a shared sense of terroir that would play a leading role in Spring Bay’s evolution.

To achieve this unique liquid, the flavour of the local sea salt makes its way into the rainwater Spring Bay uses making the spirit sweet with a subtle maritime influence. Only the best ingredients are used and distilled in a 1200 litre copper pot still from renowned still-maker, Peter Bailly of Knapp Lewer Still Makers. The declining line-arm on the still ensures that the oils are captured from the spirit distillation resulting in rich new-make with a beautiful mouth-feel.


Drink your truth and

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