Killara Distillery 2017 Vintage


Killara Distillery 2017 Vintage


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Representing the Killara distillery under our independent label was a no-brainer, as owner and head distiller Kristy Lark-Booth is producing phenomenal whisky in her own right. The distillery has managed to achieve the one word many Australian whisky distilleries breathlessly strive for, and that is……. ‘Consistency’ – Consistently delicious!

This is one special Killara, aged to perfection for five years and five months in a rare 100L French oak, ex Port cask. A masterpiece of cask and spirit synergy that rewards patience in the glass and drinks unapologetically raw and brassy, showcasing one of the best that Tasmania has to offer. Like our other Aussie expression, we’ve bottled this whisky straight from the cask using a simple quarter inch steel sieve that you can hold in the palm of your hand when bottling to catch any pieces of wood or char from entering the bottle, and that is it!

Non-chill-filtered and with no added colour, this is as natural as cask strength whisky gets. Unadulterated, pure and distinctly Australian. Only 53 bottles are available at retail so don’t miss out.

Details: 700ml, 63.5% abv
Age: 5 years, 5 months
Distillery: Killara Distillery
Region: Richmond, Tasmania
Cask Type: French oak, Port cask
Cask No: KD-TC001
Distillation Date: 19th of October 2017
Bottling Date: 31st of March 2023
Bottle Outturn: 53

Our Tasting Notes

Nose: Sugar syrup | Blood orange | Espresso

Palate: Chewy | Dark chocolate | Christmas spice

Finish: Custard | Old leather | Cinnamon

About Killara Distillery

The Killara distillery is located at 32 Ogilvie Lane Richmond, a picturesque 30-minute drive out from Hobart in Tasmania. It’s owned and operated by Kristy Lark-Booth, a second-generation distiller with over 18 years’ experience in the distilling industry. Kristy gained her experience through working for many years at her parents’ operation, Lark Distillery, as both the head distiller and general manager. During her time at Lark Distillery, the whisky that Kristy produced won numerous awards both nationally and internationally. So, in 2016 it was inevitable that Kristy would branch out on her own and continue the family tradition of producing hand-crafted premium spirits.

We love the passion Kristy brings to her craft, and the traditions she has chosen to carry with her into her newest ventures. Regarding Killara, Kristy tells us “The still I have chosen is similar to the one that stood outside my bedroom as I grew up and prompted me to join the family business all those years ago. My 600-litre copper pot still was made in Hobart by Aircon Industries in a traditional, but not usual shape, with the condenser being at the top of the still rather than at the side. This produces a smooth, distinct spirit that I can’t wait to share with you all.”

We hope you enjoy this special release.


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